[Pronunciation /DAY-VID/ /LIE-NIS/ डेविड लाइनिस ]​

“Public speaking is learnable; public speaking is teachable.” David Conrad Linus

DAVID LINUS [ डेविड लाइनिस ]​

David Linus is an English teacher and Public Speaking trainer/coach.

David Linus transforms people into proficient and expert English communicators.

David is India's POM (Proof Of Method) Public Speaking and English Communication Coach.

Do you want to become a phenomenal Public Speaker?

Come, optimise your communication skills and transform your life.

David Linus is on a mission to help 10 million people learn and speak in the English language, help ordinary speakers become extraordinary public speakers; and enable professionals speak the language with correct pronunciation.

Are communication skills really important?

Resoundingly YES, and these two quotes by Warren Buffett really sums it up for all of us.

“The one easy way to become worth 50 percent more than you are now, at least; is to hone your communication skills: both written and verbal.”


“If you can’t communicate, it’s like winking at a girl in the dark. Nothing happens. You can have all the brainpower in the world, but you have to be able to transmit it, and the transmission is communication.”

Why do we need communication skills?

BECAUSE! We are PREGNANT with ideas. We want to share our thoughts, our feelings, our plans, our adventures, our successes, our achievements, our pleasures, our pains and a million other things. With all the technical brainpower it still becomes useless if we cannot transmit it as a spoken production.

Is there a way to become an expert at communication?


There are many ways to become an expert at communication. Many Pundits profess their ways and they might be right and correct to some extent.

I formulated the DLM or the David Linus Method. It is simple, it is technical and it is relatively the easiest method that is available today. (you can get a preview of my skills here) The DLM is accurate and certain that you will become an expert at communication if you follow the steps properly and assiduously.

Is it possible to become an expert at communication?


Eliud Kipchoge the great marathoner said that only the disciplined ones in life are free, and those who were indiscipline were a slave to their moods and their passions.

The key is to follow the steps right through. Do not skip levels or jump levels. Stick to the rule and the route and you will come out an expert at communication.

Is there a short cut to becoming an expert at communication?


The short cut is the regular road (basically the long cut) that you must take, and by following the rules, and investing hours and hours of practise; you eventually realise how short and easy it was all along. Remember! With every hour and with every practise; you get better than what you were.

Honestly! There is no short cut and every short cut that people speak about is the long winding road that they all took to get to where they’ve reached. Richard Branson once said that his overnight success took 20 years.

So what is the DLM (David Linus Method)?

The DLM is a structured, tiered and graduated method based on the CEFR and the TI’s syllabi. It is easy, student driven and focused so that it can be learnt and picked up with minimal teacher interventions. The DLM is output focused and not input focused. This mean that we develop learning content that enables you to demonstrate proficiency versus only having the knowledge of your subject.

The DLM focuses on two elements: Language Proficiency (This includes grammatical accuracy and spoken accuracy or pronunication.) and Presentation Mastery (Public Speaking). Both of these elements are in conjunction with the best that is available in the world today. The DLM Language Proficiency follows the CEFR model which is the only and widely recommended framework (syllabus) across all the developed nations and the DLM Presentation Mastery (Public Speaking) follows the Toastmasters International’s Pathway system: The undisputable leader in the DIY and Learn-as-you-do/go model.

A point to note: DLM is output focused. Our content enables you to demonstrate proficiency.