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Language Requirements

Grammar Topics

Verb forms
‘0’ and first conditionals
no future after if and when
gerunds as subjects and objects
infinitive of purpose (I went to the shop to buy milk.)
infinitives (with and without to) after verbs and adjectives
passive (present and past simple)
question tags
use of ‘has been’ and ‘has gone’
use of shall I?/shall we …?
what is x like? /what does x like? (contrasted)

modals – shall (offers and suggestions), should (advice), have (got) to (obligation), must (obligation), mustn’t (prohibition), need (necessity), needn’t (lack of necessity)
modals: permission (may, can, could)

future – use of the present progressive tense – e.g. ‘going to’ and present simple tense for timetabled/fixed events
past progressive
past progressive and past simple contrasted
past simple vs. present perfect
present perfect (various uses: how long….? have you ever…? when talking about recent news/present result; with for and since; indefinite past with yet, already, ever, never; with ‘it’s the first /second time …’
present progressive – verbs not used in this form

compound nouns

quantitative and indefinite pronouns (one, something, everybody, etc.)

adverbs of degree (very, too, rather, quite)
regular and irregular adverbs

(a) few, (a) little
(revision) comparatives and superlatives; as… as, not so/as … as
‘-ing’ and ‘-ed’ adjectives
order of adjectives

relative pronouns and clauses

Functions Topics

Asking and answering questions about personal possessions
Asking for repetition and clarification
Asking/telling people to do something
Buying and selling things (costs, amounts)
Describing a photo (N.B. essential for the second part of the oral paper)
Describing a simple process/procedure (using the passive and imperative)
Describing your home town
Expressing (in)ability in the present
Expressing agreement, disagreement, contradicting people
Expressing and responding to thanks
Expressing needs and wants
Expressing obligation and lack of obligation
Expressing opinions and making choices
Expressing purpose, cause and result, giving reasons
Following and giving simple instructions
Giving and accepting advice
Giving and responding to invitations, both spoken and written
Giving warnings and stating prohibitions

Identifying and describing accommodation
Identifying and describing objects
Interrupting a conversation
Making and responding to apologies and excuses
Making requests and agreeing and refusing to do things
Making, granting, refusing simple requests
Paying compliments
Speaking on the phone
Talking about future events
Talking about holidays
Talking about ways of travelling
Talking and writing about personal experiences
Understanding and filling in forms giving personal details
Understanding simple signs and notices
Very short and simple formal letters, e.g. application
Very simple faxes and emails
Writing a short description of a personal photo, including where and when it was taken and why it is liked
Writing short, simple descriptions of people

Lexical Areas


Money and shopping
Personal routine
Town features

Sample Video Class

Hindi Sample

English Sample


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