Level - a1



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Language Requirements

Grammar Topics

Verb forms
to be
to have
have got
like/love/enjoy/hate + -ing

can (ability/permission)/could (permission or request)
would like (I’d, you’d etc.)

future – use of the present progressive tense – e.g. ‘going to’
past simple
past time expressions: ago, in the 80s, last Monday, yesterday, yesterday evening, last night etc.
present progressive (for actions in progress now)
present simple
present time expressions: every day, on Mondays, now, at the moment, in this period

countable/uncountable nouns
definite and indefinite article, zero article
much/many/a lot of
plurals (regular, irregular)
possessive ‘s’ (Peter’s house)
there is/there are

personal pronouns (object)
personal pronouns (subject)

comparatives and superlatives
demonstrative adjectives
frequency adverbs
possessive adjectives and pronouns

prepositions of movement
prepositions of place
prepositions of time

and, but, or

Functions Topics

Asking and saying how much things are
Asking and saying how often
Asking and saying how you feel
Asking and saying what is happening
Asking and saying what people are wearing/doing
Asking and saying what people do
Asking and saying what people usually wear/do
Asking and telling the day/date
Asking for and giving directions
Asking for and giving personal details: age, height, etc.
Asking for and telling the time
Asking for information
Asking for permission
Basic telephone language
Describing a photo (N.B. essential for the second part of the speaking assessment)
Describing a place
Describing objects and giving information (shape, size, weight, colour, purpose)

Describing people’s appearance and character
Expressing preferences and giving opinions (like/don’t like/I think)
Filling in of simple forms, e.g. boarding cards
Greeting people/meeting people
Introducing yourself and asking questions about others
Making comparisons
Ordering a meal
Recognition and interpretation of simple notices and instructions
Talking about ability and skills
Talking about likes and dislikes
Talking about one’s health
Talking about one’s holidays
Talking about people’s homes
Talking about routine activities
Talking about the future: arrangements
Talking about the past
Talking about the weather
Writing a postcard

Lexical Areas

Alphabet, numbers and colours
Appearance and personality
Classroom language
Countries and nationalities
Days of the week, months and seasons
Everyday objects (identity card, driving licence, tissues, matches, etc.)
Family members
Food and drink
Holidays and travel

Means of transport
Music, sports, hobbies
Office vocabulary
Parts of the body
Personal routine
Rooms and furniture

Sample Video Class

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